Old Blue: A 1966 F-100 Birthday Build

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1966 Ford F-100 Build

Meet “Old Blue,” 66ordie‘s 1966 Ford F-100 build. He has three goals for this build; firstly, to finish Old Blue before her fiftieth birthday in 2016. Secondly, to update the truck as best as he can with his limited knowledge of all things metal. And, thirdly, to make his late dad proud.

After all, this wonderful eye-catcher belonged to his father well before him and it has tremendous value within his family. Many Ford truck enthusiasts can appreciate this detail, and many of us can’t help but remember a meaningful truck in our own lives.


66ordie is going at this truck strong, and has already stripped it down completely and reworked the front end with a suspension from a Crown Victoria and purchased a set of Mustang rims for a great price on Craigslist.

The frame was sent a while ago to be sandblasted, and it is expected to return soon. The fuel tank had been cleanly replaced with a well-fitted Mustang tank. A lot is left to be done on this beauty, but the work is steady and very well done. After all, nothing is too good for Old Blue.

Go check out 66ordie’s Build Thread and be sure to show your support!

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