Certified Pre-Owned F-150 Offers Best Value for Money

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Ford F-150

Ford takes home numerous CPO awards as the F-150 scores the lowest average total cost of ownership in its class.

Any astute automotive consumer already knows that buying used is typically the best way to save money. This is especially true when you purchase a lightly used truck, like a lease turn in or certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. These trucks have low miles and come with a full check up and bill of health from the dealership. We already know that a CPO Ford F-150 offers great value. But now we can officially say that it offers the best value. In its entire class.

Ford F-150

We can say this because automotive data analysis provider Vincentric has announced its Best CPO Value in America Awards for 2017. The awards are handed out not based off someone’s personal opinions, but rather actual data gathered throughout the year. Vincentric collects data on costs, including fees and taxes, depreciation, basic repairs, opportunity costs, maintenance, financing, fuel, and insurance. The manufacturer’s CPO warranty is taken into consideration, and Vincentric assumes they’re driven 15,000 miles per year over five years.

After all that data crunching, the Ford F-150 won best in class by scoring the lowest average cost of ownership among all full-size, half-ton pickups. And that isn’t all. The F-350 won the one-ton pickup category. And Ford took home overall brand awards for the SUV and crossover, truck, and van categories.

2017 F-Series Super Duty

So if you want the benefits of driving a newer truck but also want to keep your cost of ownership at a minimum, look no further than a certified pre-owned Ford. You’re letting the original owner eat much of the depreciation. And better yet, you’ll be able to swap it out five years later without taking much of a hit. All with a factory warranty that rivals that of a brand new truck!

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