Ford Sues John Cena for Selling Limited-Edition Ford GT

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John Cena Ford GT

Blue Oval can’t understand how the wrestling star could sell this sweet ride for cash. 

Maybe John Cena needs some extra moola to pay for his upcoming nuptials? That is the only reason we can think of to sell a brand-new Ford GT. Well, the Ford didn’t care for Cena’s car flipping, and filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the wrestler and actor.

Ford claims that Cena resold a Ford GT, after signing an agreement to keep the vehicle for two years. Cena paid around $460,000 for the limited edition GT, 650-horsepower sports car and agreed to the purchase conditions online. He received the car in September, and sold it in late October.

Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood said, “All Ford GT customers sign contracts, which include an agreement not to sell the car for at least two years.”

The lawsuit does give an interesting look into the world of brand ambassadors and exclusivity that companies hope to create with their clientele, especially their top-shelf, high-end clientele. In the suit Ford claims their damages come from the “loss of brand value, ambassador activity, and customer goodwill due to the improper sale.”

In a fight with these two titans, we’re not sure who will win…other than the lawyers.

S.J. Bryan is an editor with Ford Truck Enthusiasts and regular contributor to F-150 Online and Harley-Davidson Forums, among other auto sites.

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