1985 Ford F-150 XLT Street Cruiser Build

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Taking on a new build is always an exciting thing. Hopes are high, ideas are flowing, and imaginations run wild. Of course, this isn’t something that occurs at only the beginning of a new build!

In fact, for those who have pursued a build of their own, these feelings come in waves. Sometimes the owner of the project ride will feel dismayed and even feel like giving up, while at other times the excitement will come back once again. The reality is that, while this process can be a bit hard to endure over time, the end result is always worth it!

FTE member droppedf100 recently took on a new build. The ride is a 1985 Ford F-150 XLT that he hopes to convert into an outstanding street cruiser. The ride has very little rust and is certainly solid, making it a great platform for the build.

Currently it has a 302 cubic inch motor and an automatic transmission with overdrive. The ride came with a new intake, carburetor, headers, and a dual exhaust. Some of droppedf100 immediate plans include dropping it a bit, adding some new wheels, rebuilding the transmission, and cleaning up the outside. We can’t wait to see the end result!

Go check out droppedf100’s build thread and show your support!

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