Killer 1972 Ford Bronco Needs a New Garage

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There are very few off-road machines that will make me weak in the knees. I’m much more of a performance car man myself, but every time I spot a pristine Bronco, I just can’t help but swoon. That is why my keyboard is currently full of drool; I found a 1972 Bronco with minimal mods and the original 302 V8 on Bring a Trailer.

Be still my beating heart.

The truck is painted in glorious green, the body is straight and true with no signs of accidents of repairs. The body panel fitment is said to use some work, but the doors and tops do seal properly. Major changes to the original truck include new seats, a five-speed transmission, and some quality of life additions like power steering and brakes. Suspension duties are handled by an upgraded Bilstein setup, and the carb has been swapped for a four-barrel unit.

Bronco 2All in all, this looks to be a near-perfect driver’s truck. A little wear, some creature comfort additions, and a price to match. This truck is currently being auctioned at BaT and the bid is at just $6,000. I expect that number to move north in the next six days before the sale is final, but I can still dream of owning this Bronco for less than a decently used Miata.

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