FLASHBACK: Mr Miyagi Promotes the 1971 Ford Truck

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morita 71 ford

This week’s Flashback video features an advertisement for the 1971 Ford truck, featuring a terrible John Wayne impersonator and Mr. Miyagi – Mr. Pat Morita. I am not real sure why Mr. Morita would be in the American prairie with a bunch of cowboys and their Ford-driving cook, but he is and while his part is not pivotal, it is worth the mention.

The 1971 Ford truck was marketed as being able to work like a truck while riding like a car, and in this commercial, it is racing up a hill with a bunch of cowboys on their horses. The fake John Wayne has sent the cook and his Ford on what seems to be an impossible mission, but somehow, the Ford truck’s suspension is so comfortable that it is able to jump a 6 foot gap without a ramp.

It is a little outrageous, but as classic Ford truck commercials go – this is a great one, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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