BUILDUP A 1969 Ford F-100 Gets Tough Love

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1969 Ford F-100

Ford truck enthusiast wRONg_all_day has taken the step from livid watcher and admirer and has decided to reconstruct a glorious Ford beauty of his own. This is his first build, but is also a worthy cause.


A 1969 Ford F-100 long bed with three-on-the-tree and a bad 240 motor — who could argue with bringing it back to life? Though not too clean and pretty yet, any fan of a classic Ford ought to be able to picture what this old truck could look like when complete!

The donor for the rig is a 1976 Ford F-100 short bed with a 390 and an automatic transmission. Though some might simply say to rebuild the 240 motor rather than buying a whole donor truck, this is not the reality here.


It cost less for wRONg_all_day to buy the door (nicknamed “Pig”) than to purchase the parts needed to rebuild the 240!

There is still a long way to go on this build. After all, it is just beginning! However, wRONg_all_day recently pulled the engine and transmission from the donor vehicle in anticipation of throwing them into the ’69. Go and take a look at the progress and show your support on wRONg_all_day’s build thread!

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