Dragon Fyre: A Jet Powered 1940 Ford Fire Truck

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This simply has to be one of the most contradictory notions you’ll ever see: a classic Ford Fire Truck powered by a General Electric J-85 turbo jet engine. Bellowing fire from the vehicle that was supposed to rescue you from fires in the ’40s but it is doing it for a good cause.

The owner and driver of this beautiful looking, kerosene (or sometimes Jet A fuel) drinking vehicle is David Modder. When he pours on the throttle from the J-85 he’s unleashing 6000-pounds of thrust on the roughly 1550-pound vehicle.

Of course, not much of the truck is the original 1940 Ford truck as it does have a 17-foot frame that just does fit the engine that shoots out long trails of fire.

Oh, not only is Modder driver of this jet-powered truck, he also is a jet pilot and a volunteer fire fighter for Randall Township Fire Department in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.


Modder has partnered up with the National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation (NFFFF) to not only raise awareness but help the organization along the way.

The NFFFF’s mission is to “honor the fallen, offer support to their families and help reduce firefighter line-of-duty injuries and deaths each year,” in the words of executive director Chief Ron Siarnicki.

“The generous support provided through this partnership will help the foundation continue providing valuable resources to the survivors of the fallen and the fire service,” said Siarnicki.

If you’d like to donate to the NFFFF you can do that here.

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