MUDFEST Turbo Diesel F-350 Storms Mud, Jeep Fails

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f350 td mud 600

This week’s Mudfest features a 9th generation (1992-1996) Ford F-350 pickup powered by a turbocharged diesel engine. There is no information offered on this F-350, but it is obviously powered by a diesel engine that sounds a little hotter than stock.

It also has some big tires and maybe a touch of lift, but that isn’t enough to get the oil burnin’ F-350 through on the first try. It ends up taking him a few tries to get through, but he eventually makes it to the other side and while doing so – he throws a whole lotta mud.

There is some pointless dead time at the beginning of the video so jump to the 30 second mark to catch the start of the mudding action, beginning with the diesel powered F-350 followed by a couple of Jeeps – one of which gets so buried that he cannot move forward or backwards…and that is how the video ends. It is an amusing end to the video for Ford fans. Enjoy!

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