Badass 1979 Ford F-250 Crew Cab Flareside Is One Unusual Find

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1979 Ford F-250

It’s not every day you find a ’79 Ford F-250 in this unique configuration. Especially one this nice!

Around these parts, we’ve seen just about every kind of Ford truck you can possibly imagine. But in terms of late ’70s models, there are some that you rarely ever come across. Like crew cabs, for example. But what about a crew cab, flareside, four-wheel drive 1979 Ford F-250? Well, those are about as common as hen’s teeth. So when Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Jaybuchleitner bought one and shared it with us recently, it obviously drew a ton of attention.

“Have you ever seen a 1979 like it? 1979 Ford F-250 custom 4-door 4×4 flareside. 400ci. I’ve looked around but can’t find anything quite like it. One guy on here said it may have been government issue. Let me know! Oh, and I just bought it. No rust, 5,000 miles on rebuilt engine.”

Judging by everyone’s responses, the OP wasn’t the only one who’s never seen anything like this beast.

“Never seen one before, but it looks awesome!” said RalphXL.

“Beautiful rig!! Is it factory original?” asked meangreen92. “I think the warranty plate will say which bed it came with. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen government and fleet regular-cab F-250s with the long flareside bed. But they were all 140″ wheelbase, highway construction, gas and electric utility company trucks, etc.”

1979 Ford F-250

Turns out, this unique 1979 Ford F-250 is in fact original. And there are a few members who have seen others like it before.

“I am sure if the dealer knew how to order the truck, anyone that wanted one could get it,” said FuzzFace2. “I had a Bumpside F-250 2×4 that was bought new. My dad bought it from the owner who ordered it, and it was a crew cab and long bed flareside.”

“Back when these trucks were new, the Texas Highway Department had some like that,” added MBDiagMan. “There were very few crew cabs built in those days with any bed style. I realize that today’s four door truck fad makes one like this very desirable.”

Many wonder aloud why the government would opt for a flareside bed over a standard bed. And unsurprisingly, NumberDummy notes that the decision all came down to cost.

“The U.S. Government bought the cheapest possible trucks, and flaresides were cheaper than stylesides. Flaresides of this and previous eras have wood bed floors. Pine is cheaper than steel.”

All of which makes perfect sense. And it also explains why you don’t see many 1979 Ford F-250 examples in this configuration. So be sure and scope out this beauty for yourself by heading over here. And while you’re there, let us know if you’ve ever seen anything like it!

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