F-250 Becomes a Heavy-Duty Raptor for Under $25,000

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Once a mess of a project, the Diesel Brothers help their friend finish building his F-250, make it more badass than planned.

There you are, standing before your new project, pondering where it got so out of hand. Was it due to a lack of time? Perhaps your bank account just couldn’t take on the responsibility to paying for the parts? Or maybe you thought you had the skill (or could learn the skill) to pull off the next step, only to realize you just weren’t there yet? Whatever the cause, the next move can either save the project, or end the suffering.

Or you can have both. Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins and Josh “Red Beard” Stuart of Discovery Channel series Diesel Brothers wind up picking up the torch of a mutual friend’s stalled F-250 build.

Diesel Brothers F-250

“Tried to do something cool. Thought I could do it on my own. As you can see, it didn’t quite get finished,” their friend Josh explains to Hoskins and Stuart. Hoskins says not all is lost, as Josh already bought all of the expensive parts; thus, “it should be an easy and quick flip for the shop to make some money.” With a budget of $25,000, Josh wants his F-250 to be a better Raptor than his Raptor was, being able to pull trailers for business and destroy sand dunes for pleasure.

Diesel Brothers F-250

One of the first changes made is to improve the 6-inch lift already in place, using the parts to make a 12-inch lift.

“The problem with most of these lifts, when you go this big, is that trucks don’t work right,” says Hoskins. “We’re making sure that Josh loves this setup so that it’s able to perform towing, in the desert, and most importantly, it’s a usable truck.”

After the lift is properly set, Hoskins and Stuart go to work on installing a cold-air intake to help the 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo diesel breathe better and make more power, followed by attaching an Edge Insight CTS2 monitoring system to tune the whole thing.

Diesel Brothers F-250

After the power and suspension are wrapped up on the F-250, the crew go to work on installing the body work Josh already had on hand, while also fabricating new pieces like the front and rear bumpers and headache rack to help tie it all together. Fat 46-inch Michelins wrap the set of 20-inch wheels, while another wrap applied on the body work let’s everyone know about Josh’s energy shot business.

Diesel Brothers F-250

“We didn’t make a killing on this build,” says Diesel Brothers boss Dave “Heavy D” Sparks, having only made $1,100 in profit, “but we definitely killed it. I mean, at the end of the day, this truck ended up being way, way more than ‘The Muscle’ ever promised Josh in the first place.”

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