FTE Member Rebuilds 1975 F-250 Crew Cab

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Disco-era relic is well on its way to being an awesome classic pickup.

FTE forums member 9thPony first started posting about his 1975 Ford F-250 Crew Cab project back in July of 2013. When he got the truck, it was little more than a rolling chassis with a few body parts and most of an engine, but today, it is a street driven classic that makes us all want a big F-Series from this era.

When 9thPony first introduced the community to his 1975 Ford F-250 Crew Cab project truck, he began by showing off the inspiration for this project. Prior to getting into this Crew Cab rebuild, the OP had the gorgeous 1975 F-250 4×4 shown below, but when the short-cab configuration no longer worked for his growing family, he sold this beast and began looking for a bigger truck of the same era.

75 F-250 4x4

Six months later, 9thPony bought a 1975 Ford F-250 Crew Cab and when it was delivered, it looked like this:

75 F-250 Crew Cab arrive

He admitted that it was more of a project than he originally planned to take on, but it met all of his other criteria, so with the help of his father-in-law, he began the rebuilding process. That rebuilding process was slowed by a handful of family issues, but over the years, he continued to plug away on his 1975 F-250 project truck.

Progress Over the Years

When 9thPony originally got his 1975 F-250 Crew Cab, he had to address some issues caused by the previous owner, including adapting the chassis to make the 1979 steering assembly work. He also ran into a mess in the braking system, as you can see in the image below.

75 F-250 Brakes

As time went on, he got around to tackling the exterior of the truck. The majority of the body was painted a dark metallic green and the era-correct chrome bumpers were added, along with the grille, the headlights and the taillights. He then bolted-up the tailgate, the doors, the front fenders and the hood, all of which are in black primer for the time being.

75 F-250 Body Primed

Once he had most of the ’75 F-250 painted, 9thPony turned to the engine bay, where he added an aluminum intake manifold, a new carb, a set of rebuilt cylinder heads, headers and a splash of chrome to the 390 cubic inch V8. He also removed the factory air conditioning components from the engine bay and added a compact, late model setup, so this classic Ford pickup has a kickin’ AC system.

75 F-250 engine

On the inside, this 1975 F-250 Crew Cab was lined with Dynamat before the reupholstered seats went in, followed by installing the gauges, the radio and the HVAC controls in the green-painted dashboard. The interior is simple, but it maintains the classic 70s feel and it looks great.

75 F-250 Inside

Finally (for now), the OP added new wheels and tires, creating the road-going pickup shown below. At this point, aside from fine-tuning his 1975 F-250 project as time goes on, this truck is only a little more green paint away from being a finished product.

75 F-250 today

As you might imagine, with a build thread that has gone on for more than four years, there is far more discussed than what we have highlighted, so click here to check out the lengthy build thread for yourself.

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