All-White 1957 Ford F-100 Is an Out-of-the-Box Build

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1957 Ford F-100

A long time Mustang guy tries his hand rebuilding an old Ford F-100. With the support of the FTE forums, of course!

Hang out long enough in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums, and you’re bound to learn a thing or two. We know that we do, often on a daily basis. But the forums are also a great place to summon up the courage to take on a project of your own. Which is exactly what happened to HyePo57, a member who has previously cut his teeth restoring first-gen Mustangs. Thanks to the influence of FTE, however, his latest project is this super cool refrigerator white 1957 Ford F-100.

“So after hauling the ’57 Ford F-100 back to California from OR and a day of rest, I left it in good hands where we’ll start getting it mechanically functional and sound. First things first will be to gather all the missing parts. This truck originally had an I-6, but it was sold to me with a ’65 Mustang 289 sitting on a crate in the bed. We’ll need to install motor mounts for the 289.

Also decided (for now) to leave the ’60 hood there. Kinda grew on me. I hope y’all enjoy my first Fridge project. Please feel free to chime in as I am learning as I go. ’66 Mustangs I can do in my sleep. But this is out of the box for me, and I am happy to be here among great enthusiasts.”

1957 Ford F-100

Compared to the many rusty, beat up truck projects we’ve taken on over the years, this 1957 Ford F-100 looks to be in pretty incredible shape. Thus, the OP’s first task is to take inventory of what parts he needs and place an order for them. And as we all know, waiting is the hardest part.

“Parts collection is slow. I grabbed the TransDapt engine mount and PerformanceOnline transmission mount. I’ve settled on the Champion 3-row aluminum radiator for the I6. Since the lower hose is on the passenger side, this will also work with the 289. It also has the trans cooler built in and ready for the C4 lines that are 1/2-20.

Floor shifter will likely be the Genie Shifter from Denver, Co. I like the way it bolts directly on the transmission, similar to Lokar. But it also uses the side detent to shift through the settings. Just seemed like a better setup versus a top button. Only thing I’d have to fab is the shift selector since they currently do not have that option.”

1957 Ford F-100

Soon thereafter, actual work on this 1957 Ford F-100 begins. The first order of business is rebuilding the 289 and getting it ready for insertion. Before long, it and the C4 transmission are in place. Next, the OP attacks the rusty floor and side steps.

And that’s where this ultra cool project stands as of now. So be sure and head over here and follow along as this old Ford is brought back to life!

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