B&M Shift Improver Installation

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You may be asking, "What is a B&M shift improver and why do I need one?" Well, let me tell you.

If you own a Bronco or F-Series truck and have an E4OD tranny then you know why you need one. Unless you have a fresh tranny. As many of us know, after a while the E4OD transmission will start shifting real soft, causing slip and running as if the insides were oatmeal. What a B&M shift improver does is make the shifting of your gears nice and instant as if you had a shift kit installed, in doing this it causes less slip and therefore less heat which as many of you know is the achillies heel of the E4OD. What it doesn’t do is change the shift points, those will still be too soon and still suck but it wnt feel like your riding the clutch anymore.

Your now probably asking right now is "If this thing is so great, then why haven’t I ever heard of it or seen one?" The simple answer, they are only available mail order, through Pep Boys or JC Whitney plus they don’t list the Bronco in their application chart. You won’t know for sure until you actually get it and look up the vin number in the instructions. But if you have an E4OD and an EEC-IV or V ,this will work. As for the price, $65.00 + shipping will get you one of these in your mailbox in a couple of days.

Now, to the installation…

For a PDF of the factory instructions including what this kit covers, click here.

(to download just right click and click "save as…"

First of all your going to need some tools, wire crimpers, pliers, and a drill.

As for parts, you will need the B&M Shift improver, the rest of the required parts are included. But its a good idea to have 2 female blade style connectors and a grommet for the firewall if you’re picky.

First, you will need to drill a 1/4 inch hole in your firewall, the plug where the clutch is supposed to come out is a good spot to put your hole.

Second, feed the wire through the firewall to the engine compartment, be sure to route the wire out of reach of moving things (the gas pedal) and away from your headers or manafolds.

There is a insulation pannel on the other side, it is a cut out connected by a piece of plastic that is glued on, just pull it off. The blank itself is metal with a rubberized coating, so make sure you insulate your wire with a grommet or some wire wrap.

Connecting the wires is a sinch, just make sure you get the right ones the first time.

Third, and this is important, pull off the neg side of your batt cable. Just be sure to write down your radio presets if they are important to you.

Fourth, with a 10 MM wrench or socket pull off the plug to your trucks computer. This isnt nessesarry, but it makes life much simpler.

Fifth, locate the Red (37) and Yellow-White (38) wires and clamp the splicers to them. Be careful though, these things do cut your wires, so only attach them once. The hard part is now done.

Sixth, plug the harness back In.

On the other side of the firewall, zip tie the wire down and around your gas pedal so it doesnt get caught up on anything. Find a place to stick the control unit onto, use one extra piece of velcro for this, 2 arent enough. Stick the control unit to your dash click the switch to "1" and go out for a drive. You will notice a little kick in the butt right away, plus the tranny wont feel like a wet sponge when you have the pedal mashed to the floor.

One other note: You will notice a kind of ratcheting sound under your tranny, that is the shifting pump. Personally I don’t worry about it unless im in a lot of traffic (the bumps get a little annoying) or will be leaving my truck idling for a bit.

Here is where i mounted my control unit, the electronic part is on the console next to the mic.

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