This Modified ’47 Ford Pickup Is The Best/Worst

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This overly customized Ford truck is proof that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But what do you think?

In the world of vehicle modifications, you will find a massive swath of ideas, markets and personalities. From the camber kids, to the drift bros, the rat rodders and the concours connoisseurs, you will find a million and one “right answers” to customizing cars. In this vein, we present you with an abomination of a truck, that many of you are certain to adore.

Listed for sale on Vanguard Motor Sales, this 1947 Ford is a rotisserie restoration machine that is half amazing, half “what the hell.” The paint is a gorgeous blue, and with the whitewall tires it pops in a dramatic fashion. The polished wood in the bed would look perfectly at home in any fine cabinetry shop, and every piece of chrome is shiny and new. Even the interior is basically perfect with paint to match the exterior and handsome blue cloth seats.

But then things go south really quickly. The beautiful domed top has been scrapped in favor of a slab of cloth and metal scaffolding, the amazing blue paint is marred with massive orange flames, and the heart and soul of this Blue Oval has been replaced with parts from GM. Specifically a 327 V8 and 2-Speed Powerglide from a Corvette. At least they used the least offensive GM model to commit their blasphemous conversion.


The asking price for this mish-mash of great and horrendous decisions is a cool $40k.

So, esteemed colleagues and forum members, what do you think? Are we smoking a little something on our lunch break, or do you guys think this thing is as hideous as we do? Is $40k too much money for a Halloween trinket to scare children with?

Sound off in the forum and let us know.

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