1980s Aussie Ad Features Entire Ford Family: Throwback Thursday

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Car, tractors, big rigs and SUVs from the 1980s Ford lineup are showcased in this classic Australian commercial.

This week’s Throwback Thursday video comes to us from the AustralianFordAds YouTube channel and it features – you guessed it – a classic Ford commercial from the Australian market. This commercial is unlike American marketing campaigns, even in the 1980s, looking at the company portfolio including commercial vehicles and tractors.

Full-Company Commercial

In the US market, most automobile commercials focus on a specific vehicle or type of vehicles, so Ford ads will showcase the F-150, the F-Series lineup, the Mustang or a variety of the small cars. Rarely do we see both cars and trucks advertised in the same commercial and we never see commercial vehicles or farm machinery included in new vehicle marketing.

Bronco and Ford TW30 Tractor

That is what makes this Australian commercial from the 1980s so unusual, as it includes the full range of Ford offerings in that market – from cars and trucks to big rigs and farm tractors. Also, in addition to showcasing the newest vehicles from the 1980s, this commercial shows off some of the older Aussie Fords that made the brand so popular Down Under.

Ford of Australia in the 1980s

We don’t know the exact year of this commercial, but the details say that it is from the 1980s and the newest vehicles in the spot appear to be from the mid-to-late 80s. Multiple generations of the powerful Falcon are shown in various states, including on the race track, where they dominated motorsports for years. We also see the then-new Meteor, the TX5 and a handful of other cars that weren’t offered in the United States with a soft musical backdrop.

Classic Ford Aussie Race Cars

In addition to the Ford big rig and the TW30 tractor, the most familiar vehicles for Americans are the full-sized Bronco and the compact Courier pickup.

Even in the 1980s, Ford commercials in the United States would have focuses on one or two vehicles, but in the Australian market, the Motor Company grouped all consumer and commercial products together – using the popular of key vehicles to bring attention to others.

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