1949 Ford F1 Is One Unique, Diesel-Powered Project

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Ford F1

Spotted in the FTE Marketplace, this rust-free F1 looks like a pretty great project truck. And what’s under the hood only adds to the appeal.

We here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts (FTE) have a bit of a confession to make. We’re addicted to finding awesome, unique, and interesting Blue Oval pickups. And we might just also have a problem with buying them, too. But now, we’ve got a brand new treasure trove to serve those vices:  the brand spankin’ new FTE Marketplace. And even though it hasn’t been up and running long, we’re already finding some pretty amazing stuff in there. Like this crazy 1949 Ford F1 diesel project, for starters.

On the surface, this old Ford F1 looks pretty much like any other well patina’d pickup out there. Nothing more than a solid, rust free body, mostly thanks to a life living in the dry American Southwest. The current owner has replaced the floor and put a new windshield in it, as well as added a disc brake kit and new front kingpins and shocks. The finishing touch is a timeless set of Ford Rally wheels, wrapped in new Hanook tires.

Ford F1

Pretty much your average project with lots of potential, right? But what sets this Ford F1 apart from the many others out there is what powers it. Under the hood, you won’t find some kind of modern mill or (gasp!) Chevy small block. And instead of going with a big old Powerstroke or even an International or Cummins, the owner of this Ford is daring to be different.

Ford F1

With a four-cylinder Izuzu diesel, that is! We’re pretty sure this is the first time we’ve ever seen one of these oil burners under the hood of a classic Ford. No word on the exact model, but these little engines are pretty popular swaps in many other vehicles. And in this case, it makes what is already a pretty cool project even cooler!

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