Shamokin-Hot: ‘Brocky’ the Bronco Is King of the Ultra4 Hill

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Sure, the 2020 Bronco is gonna be a beast. But Vaughn Gittin Jr. already owns the baddest Bronco around, and it’s crushing its competition.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to folks testing the toughness of Ford trucks, along comes Vaughn Gittin Jr. to push the envelope again. Recently, Gittin and his awesomely-modded Bronco, “Brocky,” swept last month’s Ultra4 Racing Showdown at Shamokin event, taking first place in qualifying and then a victory in the 4500 Rubicon Express Modified Class.

Driving his Ford Performance powered New Bright Bronco, Vaughn used overall speed, adeptness to the challenging circuit, and strategy to conquer the East Coast course with a commanding win.

“What a grueling race with some gnarly terrain to conquer,” Gittin tells Ford Performance. “My co-driver, Eric, and I followed our strategy of running a clean race and not needing to make any pit stops for the duration perfectly.


‘The physical & mental challenges in Ultra4 racing is why it is such a cool sport, and the ultimate challenge in racing off-road.’


“The balance of running hard and conserving at the right places on the course is what earned us the win out there,” he continues. “The Jimmy’s 4×4 team had Brocky prepped and ready to handle the abuse and get us to the finish line, which was a task in itself!

THE BROCKY BUNCH: Vaughn Gittin Jr. (r.) and co-driver Eric celebrate Brocky’s win at Ultra4 Racing Showdown at Shamokin.

“We ran into some challenges on course, mud clogging coolers, we lost reverse on a very, very tight course that needed it in some instances, but we overcame each challenge and stayed focused on the goal,” adds Gittin. “The physical and mental challenges in Ultra4 racing is why I think it is such a cool sport, and from my perspective, the ultimate challenge when it comes to racing off-road. Huge thanks to all the fans that were on the course cheering us on. That energy was needed on the last lap.”

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