1965 Ford GT40 Gets Loose in England

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Though the Ford GT40 is typically thought of as an American icon, its British roots hold a special place in drivers’ hearts overseas, especially if they’re racers like British Tour Car Championship champion Andrew Jordan. He recently had the chance to driveĀ a 1965 model at Donington Park. Naturally, it was wet, so the run was just a tad bit squirmy.

gt40_ford_trackThe GT40, which successfully fulfilled its purpose to beat Ferraris by winning Le Man four years in a row in the back end of the ’60s, holds a proper V8, and the sound is magnificent. Jordan doesn’t talk a whole ton while he takes it around the track, and you can tell he’s definitely finessing it in the rain, but it’s worth it just to see it wiggle around and listen to it in action.

[Via Hooniverse]


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