Ford Centurion is the Best Four-Door Ford Bronco Ever

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Back when Ford was pumping out Broncos as fast as the company could make them, Ford would have sold you one whichever way you’d like. They had hard tops, soft tops, off roaders, on roaders, everything under the sun, except for one glaring misstep. Ford never offered a four-door Bronco. All of the Broncos were two-door trucks. That is unless you took your Ford Bronco over to Michigan based coach builder Centurion.


Centurion would take your two-door Ford Bronco, stretched the frame, added another set of doors, and voila, you have yourself a four-door Bronco for all your personal needs. Recently, we found one of these brilliant machines for sale in Arizona for the low, low price of just $8,200. The body, frame, and engine all look pristine, and since Centurion didn’t make many four-door Bronco’s, it’s fairly rare.


According to the seller, the truck comes with military issue 16 ½” wheels, seats eight people, has a big-block 460 V8, an aftermarket overdrive, and a removable rear shell. If someone doesn’t buy this, we might have to.

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