Ford’s Willys Jeep, the Pilot GP Pygmy

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Ford Pilot GP

While everyone knows the history of the Willys Jeep, and that it was absolutely crucial in winning World War II, many don’t know the story of the Ford Pilot Model GP Pygmy. During the lead up to the war, the original design for the Jeep was owned by a company called American Bantam. The company designed the entire car with the help of Karl Probst. Everything was theirs, however, the U.S. Army decided that the production capacity needed wouldn’t be possible for the small manufacturer, thus, the contract and designs went to Willys and Ford.


The Ford Pilot Model GP Pygmy is essentially a carbon copy of the Willys, except for different badging. With the help from both Willys and Ford, America was able to win the war. All because of a little lightweight four-wheel drive Jeep.


The Ford Pilot Model GP Pygmy you see above was the very first to come off the production line, and in the 75 years it’s been rolling around, has never been restored. A truly amazing feat, check it out below.

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