Insane Pro Street 1969 Bronco Sounds Amazing

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The 1969 Ford Bronco is a legendary pickup truck. It’s coveted by off-roaders the world over. It’s sought after by collectors, and those that would love to give it to iconic builder Jonathan Ward and his shop Icon to make the ultimate off-road capable classic truck.

You don’t often see a massive blower sticking out the front of the hood and the Bronco absolutely slammed on the ground.

This is Nick’s Custom Detailing’s Prostreet Ford Bronco and it’s an absurd monster of a Bronco. First off, it no longer has Ford power.

Instead it uses a blown 502 big block Chevy V8 fed by a pair of Demon 4-barrel carbs up total. It has a custom built frame, a Total Cost Involved suspension, and a sound that will literally wake the dead.

However, we’re just not too sure about using the Chevy big block as its power source? There’s just something wrong about that.

Maybe an Aluminator would have been better you know? However, that said, they did make a Pro Street Bronco so all bets are out the window.

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