Battery Installation Blamed for Ford Everest Fire

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Recently, there were reports of an auto journalist whose Everest review was cut short due to a fire. Well, turns out it may have been because of a replaced battery. Ford of Australia investigated and found the cause in this report.

Peter Barnwell gained some additional fame worldwide by no doing of his own. Well, not for his writing at the least. Instead, the Ford Everest he was reviewing suddenly caught fire and burned to the ground. Ford of Australia took that SUV into their facilities and investigated the cause and found the fault – a battery that was installed wrong.

According to Ford Aus: “The issue arose to due to the incorrect installation of a replacement battery post production and our investigations to date have not found any other vehicles to have been subject to the same issue. The new design of the battery fuse link for Everest and higher spec Ranger models means it is not common with the prior model Ranger and Everest. All of the data collected during the exhaustive investigation to date indicates this is a situation which is not systemic to Everest or Ranger.” So, someone possibly installed it in such a way that the positive and negative leads eventually made contact and caused the battery to overheat and combust.

In other news, American’s had this response when asked about the Everest:

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