2020 Ford Super Duty to Push Torque Envelope, Thanks to Ram

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Ford Super Duty

Now that the new Ram churns out 1,000 lb-ft of torque, how high will the 2020 Super Duty go to reclaim its crown?

Remember the great horsepower wars of the ’60s? Well, they’re back, but this time it’s more about bragging rights for those looking to tow/haul the biggest loads possible with their trucks. Yes, we’re talking about the great diesel torque wars of today. A time when manufacturers just keep topping each other with each new model. And after holding the crown temporarily, Ford’s Super Duty is now staring up at the new Ram and its 1,000 lb-ft rating.

Obviously, that spot at the top will prove short-lived. With a new Super Duty on the way in 2020, you can bet that Ford will play leap frog once again. But just how far will Ford push the torque envelope with its latest Super Duty? Well, the fine folks in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums have lots to say about that particular topic.

Ford Super Duty

Some, like fordmantpw, don’t think it’ll be much higher.

“1,005 for the 2020 Super Duty. As always, the Ram H.O. version is only available on DRW models.”

Regardless of what the final numbers show, lawdogg149 notes that this is an exciting time to be a truck fan.

“The 1,000 ft-lb torque number has been a target for a long time. Wonder how long until we see 1,500 ft-lb? Glad to see the competition.”

Redrockerstl55 agrees, but rightfully wonders how the rest of this rivalry will play out.

“They surely will limit torque in the lower gears. No truck in this class needs 1,000 lb-ft of torque in the first couple gears. I wonder if Ford has any torque limitations with the frame they use vs the Dodge frame (which is what helps give the Ram a towing/payload advantage)? Love the truck wars. The customer wins as the big corporations battle it out for supremacy!”

Ford Super Duty

And as 17 Oaks points out, we’ve kind of reached the point where these trucks are far more capable than most people need, anyway.

“1,000 lb-ft is only attractive because of what it implies. But the difference between Ford’s 935 and 1,000 is negligible. 1,000 plays and looks better, better eye candy, that’s it. That said, the Ram PowerWagon is rated at 35,000 towing. It’s a game and it’s for bragging rights. About the most I have ever towed has been 16-18,000 lbs, and that was some years back with my 2011 dually. I forgot how much torque that engine had. But on the trip from Phoenix to San Antonio I was driving 65-70 mph with no issues.”

Regardless, the torque wars are a lot of fun and a big win for consumers. If nothing else, it makes towing less-than-maximum loads less stressful on our trucks, too. But we want to know what you think! Head over here and tell us what you believe the 2020 Super Duty’s torque output will be, and if you’re a fan of these crazy high numbers!

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