Ford Diesel vs. Dodge Diesel: Which Is the Mightiest Towing Machine?

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You need to pull a three-horse trailer. Do you go for a Ford F-250 or Dodge Ram 2500? One FTE member asked, and the forum answered. 

If you were going to buy a used truck to pull a three-horse, horse trailer, which would you buy: a Dodge 2500, or a Ford F-250?

That’s the question posed by Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum member brecri in our forums. And fellow Ford fans were quick to chime in with their invaluable advice and suggestions.

“I will have to buy a used truck, so if you could help me with the years that are good, bad, or ugly that would be great,” added the thread starter.

Now, we are, of course, partial to Ford trucks, so we’ll just give you a quick rundown of some of the great feedback from our members responding to the Ford versus Dodge inquiry. Then, check out the full thread for a comprehensive overview of this curious topic. Join the forums and add to the conversation, too.

“For me it would be a 7.3 or 6.7,” says tjc transport. “I am not a fan of Dodge trucks made after the 70s, they are way too flimsy for me with all the plastic and paper thin sheet metal in them.


‘My sister did what you are doing for years: big trailer with dressing room, 3 horses – 1999 F-350 Dually, 7.3. Just worked.’


“With three horses in the trailer, I would automatically not even consider a 250, and look at minimum a 350 dually, or even a 450 or 550 pickup with 5th wheel plate,” he adds.

“Live weight moving around might make you wish for dually,” suggests knottyrope. “I have towed 11.5 k camper with my ’95 F-350 and it goes well enough for my needs, but those at higher elevations or going up steep grades might want more power via mods or newer truck.”

“Budget and what are you hauling, how much does it weigh, how far and how often, and what else are you carrying?” asks 85e150six4mtod. “An F-250 may end up maxed out on cargo load even though it might still be ok on the trailer.”

Forum member carbonation‘s recommendation also pays careful attention to the fact that it is live animals being transported. “IMO, find a late-model Ford 6.7 dually for horses,” he says. “Your weight moves around, [so] I think you need dual wheels for stability. My sister did what you are doing for years: big trailer with dressing room, 3 horses — 1999 F-350 Dually, 7.3. Just worked.”

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