1987 Ford F-350 Crew Cab Is One Gorgeous 22-Footer

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Ford F-350

There’s a lot to love about this incredibly well-preserved Ford F-350 — both literally and figuratively.

Despite the current surge in pickup popularity, ’80s and ’90s trucks don’t get a ton of love on the collector market. Most prefer the ’60s and ’70s models instead. But it’s hard to overlook a clean and well preserved later model like this stunning 1987 Ford F-350 Crew Cab we spotted on eBay. Sure, this super long pickup is a lot to love, but we love every inch of the 22 foot ride all the same.

Living its life in San Bernandino, California sure helped preserve this pickup, if nothing else. In fact, it’s easily one of the nicest example of this vintage F-Series we’ve ever laid eyes on. It also likely benefits from being a one-owner pickup, though there are 121,000 miles on the odometer. Clearly, that singular owner took care of this Ford F-350 like it was one of their kids. Heck, it likely got treated even better than the kids.

1987 Ford F-350

If there’s one thing these old school Crew Cabs had going for them, it was a soft and plush interior with plenty of space. Often called the “Cowboy Limo,” trucks like this one rode pretty nicely in an era when trucks usually didn’t. Credit the ultra long wheelbase, a product of both the cab and a long bed. And there’s plenty of grunt in this old Ford F-350 too, thanks to the big old 460 under the hood.

1987 Ford F-350

We’d rather not think about the putrid gas mileage this thing gets, so we’ll just stay focused on how incredibly awesome it is. You can probably forget about things like parallel parking and tight drive thrus, too. But who cares about little, inconsequential stuff like that when you’re driving one of the nicest ’80s Ford pickups in existence?

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