Conversion Makes Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Accessible to Everyone

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This first-generation Raptor is wheelchair-ready, and enjoying a ride in this F-150 is as easy as pressing a button.

One thing that makes trucks as capable as they are is the amount of ground clearance they offer. It’s a big reason why the Ford F-150 Raptor is able to get over so many different types of natural obstacles. Unfortunately, trucks that are high off of the ground can pose challenges for certain people. For instance, those on the shorter side might find them difficult to enter. Folks in wheelchairs face an entirely different set of problems.

The Raptor in the video above is a rare breed. It still has ample space between its belly and the ground underneath, but it also has a unique feature. Both passenger-side doors are fused into one piece that opens gullwing-style. Below it is the front passenger seat sitting on a platform. The whole assembly is connected to the truck’s interior. A man in a wheelchair rolls up to the platform, positions himself in the passenger seat, then presses a button on a remote. The platform underneath raises him up, then retracts into the cab. Once he’s fully inside, a large strut and hinge assembly brings the giant passenger-side door down and shuts it. From the looks of things, it seems rear passenger legroom is only minimally affected. To get out, the man simply has to press a button on the remote and he can reverse the process. Wheelchair Accessible Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Aside from the obvious benefits, this setup has other payoffs. Once it’s up, the massive door serves as a shelter from rain and snow while the front passenger loads into the vehicle. The OEM passenger seat can be removed so that its space can be occupied by a wheelchair. And let’s not forget that a Raptor looks a lot cooler, sounds better, and can go up, over, and around more places than a minivan can.

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