Ford Truck Eats Potato Salad Hill for Lunch…Slowly

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Old Ford F-Series may be a beater, but it’s definitely not beaten.

Out in Moab, Utah, it’s common to see Jeeps of all sorts tackling various challenging trails. Some of them are simple, slightly modified TJ Wranglers. Others are newer JK Wranglers with tens of thousands of dollars pumped into their beadlock wheels, 37-inch tires, six-inch lifts, boulder-proof body armor, and stadium-worthy off-road lights. This is not a Jeep. It’s not even an SUV. It’s an old Ford truck. And it’s having a hard time digesting Potato Salad Hill. Ford F-Series Potato Salad Hill

We’ve seen gnarlier inclines before, but considering the age and shape of this truck, Potato Salad Hill seems difficult enough. The driver of this F-Series from a bygone gets to a certain point on the trail and starts losing a grip on the dusty earth beneath him. The tires look well-worn and designed for anything but rock crawling. He spins his wheels, makes a little progress, but can’t seem to get to the top. His truck’s cab and bed go in two different directions as he tries his damndest to get further up. The battered Ford bucks and bucks and bucks to no avail. At one point, one of the unsecured wheel/tire combos in the scraped and scarred bed comes loose and rolls down the incline and into the Utah wilderness, taking its traction-enhancing ballast with it. The tires that are actually on this rusty rig claw away at the slippery rocks, unable to hook up.

Just when the F-Series is close to getting high-centered on a dusty rock formation, the front rubber digs in. Finally! After all of that futile effort, all of that mechanical torture, all of those plumes of diesel smoke, the truck gets to the lofty peak. We don’t know what’s more impressive: the Ford or its driver’s resilience.

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