1979 Ford F-150 Dentside Pulls Like a Boss

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There are several ways of testing an F-150’s toughness, but pushing every component to the max is the manliest way to do it.

You can jump over hills, plow through muddy pits, or crawl the tallest of boulders, but “truck and tractor pulls” arguably present the biggest challenge of them all. At the very least, they give us a chance to prove just how good a truck is at what it was designed to do: Pull ridiculously heavy loads.

The concept is rather simple, and it’s been around since trucks were invented — hook up the truck to a heavy sled and pull it as far as you can. The truck that pulls the trailer the furthest is the winner. Whether you use a fixed weight trailer or one that transfers the weight forward, the concept is the same. The idea originated from farmers showing off how strong their horses were, but today, it’s more relevant in the realm of proverbial horsepower.


No matter how you slice it, this 1979 Ford F-150 “pulls” off an impressive run, as shown in this video courtesy of Joey Michaud. For one, it isn’t exactly equipped with proper mud tires, and it even sports a set of larger chrome wheels, which are bad for traction. That being said, the good looking Ford has no problem wheeling the heavy load to just inches away from the finish line!

Like we said, what better way of testing a truck’s toughness, right?

Enjoy the show!

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