Ford Windstar Goes Burnout-Crazy – Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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A “vintage” Ford Windstar proves that even a minivan can smoke its tires until they blow. Given the right conditions, of course.

We at Ford Truck Enthusiasts feature many burnout videos, but very few of them have ever lasted as long as the one put on by this Ford Windstar. Did we just say Ford Windstar? Yes, we did! The video title proclaims that this is “The BEST burnout ever,” and while it’s certainly not the worst, it might be the best minivan burnout ever. No? Regardless, we’re grateful that Preston Knots recorded this oddity to share it with the world.

The majority of vehicles featured on “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” are rear-wheel drive trucks or SUVs with V8 engines. On the other hand, this Ford Windstar is front-wheel drive and rocks an underpowered V6. This configuration typically doesn’t yield great a burnout — unless you hold the vehicle in place. In this case, the driver places the beat-up Windstar against a concrete wall and gives it the beans.

Best Ford Windstar burnout ever

Smoke builds quickly around the front end as the driver mercilessly smokes the old rubber. Mind you, the video is more than six minutes long and the burnout lasts almost the entire time! Around the two-minute mark, it sounds like one of the tires is about to pop, but that’s delayed for another couple minutes or so. Eventually, it all comes undone and the driver is forced to stop. But that’s okay, he can be proud of creating what’s likely the best Ford Windstar burnout ever.

Without further ado, enjoy the show!

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