Ford F-150 to Serve as Canton, Ohio’s First-Ever Police Truck

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The F-150 will help the police department haul traffic equipment more efficiently, which may even result in considerable savings.

As Ford Truck Enthusiasts recently shared with you, Ford has launched the first-ever pursuit-rated police truck, the F-150 Police Responder. The idea behind the initiative is to empower law enforcement to tackle rough terrain, haul equipment, and do other things regular police vehicles can’t. While the new cop truck isn’t on the road yet, that didn’t stop a police department in Ohio from creating their own. Oh, and it came with a steep discount!

According to the Canton Repository, the Canton Police Department recently unveiled the newest addition to their 50-vehicle fleet – a 2011 Ford F-150. The pickup became the property of the department after the original owner never reclaimed it following a traffic collision, which later evolved into a criminal investigation. Even then, the F-150 was far from being ready for duty, but thanks to donations from local body shops and even a Ford dealership, the truck was given a second chance at life as Canton’s first-ever police truck.

Canton Police F-150 Pickup Truck 2

Its primary role will be as part of the Canton Metro Crash Team. Officers will use the pickup to haul to crash scenes the “total station,” which includes several crates of high-tech equipment used by officers to measure, record and photograph the scenes.

“It’s fairly heavy. We also have high-quality cameras and another large case full of cords used to download information from the airbag control module (on crashed vehicles),” said Traffic Bureau Sgt to the local publication.

The F-150 is also equipped with the traditional paint job and accessories, such as a light bar on the roof and heavy-duty bumpers. These will come in handy as the patrol vehicle catches speeders, drunk drivers and other traffic violators. Lastly, Canton PD will also utilize the truck for road closures, marathons, and festivals, where the F-150 can haul barriers, traffic cones, and signs. This will lower the department’s dependency on third-party drivers and trucking companies.

Looks like the boys in blue made an excellent choice. Way to go!

Photos: Canton Repository, Ford

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