Would You Pay $50 for This 1960 Ford F-100? (Video)

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Buying a quality, epic Ford pickup doesn’t have to be pricey, although restoring it might be! Join this F-100’s resto-journey.

One of the best attributes we’ve come to love about Ford trucks of any era, is their toughness. Whether from the ’40s, ’50’s, the boxy ’80s or the current aluminum era, they’re all most definitely “Built Ford Tough.” If you have any doubts, just look at how well this nearly 58-year-old F-100 Stepside has aged!

YouTuber TheCorvetteBen typically vlogs about, well, Corvettes, duh. While his pride and joy are the many Chevrolets he’s previously restored, he admits to having fallen in love with this long-bed beauty he bought for $50 bucks.

The goal of the build, as he quickly states during the episode one of four (so far), isn’t to bring this Ford pickup into Concours-winning spec, but to make it safe and roadworthy. Mmmm, we’ve heard that from many folks here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts. It seems that many pristine builds begin just, that, way.

The first episode is dedicated to a thorough overview of the truck, a bit of brainstorming about possible repairs, and a quick peek at the “original” 302 V8 and C4 transmission. On episode two, Ben gets to work on the new engine, merging the “original” bottom end (which turns out to be refurbished), and a new top end and getting them painted up.

Episode three takes a slight departure from the traditional restoration journey, as the Ben and his wife embark on another voyage to pick up yet another vintage Ford truck. As it turns out, this will be strictly a parts truck and will help see the F-100 project come to fruition.

The most recent video is episode number four, which begins with an apology for the long gap between episodes three and four. He explains that he’s currently expanding his auto shop, and he also dives into the many parts he’ll rescue from the parts truck.

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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