1979 Ford B100: Classic Alternative to the Modern SUV

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Ford B100

You won’t have to cross any borders or fill out any importation paperwork to score this Mexican-built ‘ute!

We’ve seen a resurgence of Brazilian/Mexican-built Fords of late, and it’s easy to see why. Many people didn’t even know that these many insane looking rides existed until recently. It’s almost surreal to see vehicles that look so darn familiar, yet so distinctly different. But now that we know they exist, we’re starting to see more and more of our very own go out of their way to secure trucks like the Ford B100 and bring them back stateside.

If you’re looking for an easy way to score a super clean, super unique Mexican-built ‘ute, we’ve found one that doesn’t require crossing the border. This 1979 Ford B100 Carryall recently popped up on Craigslist in Bolder, Colorado, and she’s a real beauty. The precursor to the modern SUV, this B100 was way ahead of its time, yet interestingly enough, never sold in the U.S.

Ford B100

But make no mistake, the Ford B100 did have its quirks. Namely, the lack of a rear door on the driver’s side. There was a little method to this madness, however. The idea at the time was that entering and exiting the vehicle from the driver’s side was dangerous in traffic. Thus, loading and unloading passengers is restricted to the curb-facing side.

Ford B100

If you have the patience to make it through the entire, all-caps, one run-on sentence ad, you’ll learn a few things about the truck. It’s got a pretty nice two-tone paint job, but needs some wet sanding to be perfect. The interior is extremely clean. And given the time period, extremely basic. Throw on a fresh set of matching wheels, and you’re in business.

The Ford B100, despite its lack of that aforementioned door, is a pretty darn useful ride. Barn doors in the back and three-row seating make this a potentially awesome alternative to today’s boring SUVs. And you can bet this unique ride will draw a lot more attention everywhere it goes, too!

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