Building a Workhorse 1978 Ford F-150 SuperCab

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1978 Ford F-150

Most builds center around making trucks look good. But this classic SuperCab is more concerned with mudding and hauling stuff.

For the most part, the builds we feature here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts focus more on the cosmetic side of things. Because, you know, they just look pretty in pictures. But when FTE member Brian1080 set out to rebuild his 1978 Ford F-150 nearly seven years ago, his intentions were a little different. In other words, this build was all about making this truck something he could enjoy the way trucks were meant to be enjoyed!

“She’s a 78 SuperCab 4×4 with a 351. She runs fine, so engine work is not on the current list of fixes. Will probably throw an intake and 4-barrel on, but not much else till I decide if I want a 460 or a 400. She’s not gonna be a show truck. I plan on using her to haul, to get wherever I need to go, and to go mudding.

I see no point in having something if you can’t enjoy it. Paint can always be redone. But missing an opportunity to show what something I built can do can’t. I do all my own work. Dad is going to help me with the bodywork, might have help on the engine. I know my way around cars/trucks/tools, but this is my first real truck and I can’t wait to play with her.”

Obviously, we liked where this was going from the beginning. Especially when the OP found a two-wheel drive with a much more solid body and a 460. So naturally, he decided to combine the two!

1978 Ford F-150

It wasn’t long before the OP had both trucks torn apart. He proceeded to paint the frame and everything else. The OP eventually located a cab that was much less rusty than the original. By this time, a couple of years had already passed. But the OP wasn’t giving up on his 1978 Ford F-150!

“Well it looks like it’s been a while since I updated this. Sold the original half ton axles. Finally got a set of Dana 60s under her. Got my new brake lines, and just today got a cab that’s in better shape than the one I’ve got. Mine needs both floors and both cab corners, this one doesn’t. And it only cost $250, so I’m happy. Gonna get the cab stripped and ready to paint today/tomorrow and hopefully have it on the frame in a week or two. Still gotta get some new body bushings, but I’m getting there.”

1978 Ford F-150

Piece by piece, this project was coming together. So it was time for the fun stuff, beginning with a set of 4-6″ lift springs! And before you know it, the new 460 was painted up and installed. But a rusty bed made the decision to go with a flat bed a much easier choice. Soon, a fresh coat of yellow paint was in place, but that massive lift made the old 33″ tires look a little tiny. An upgrade to 36s helped a little. But then the OP did what any of us would do and secured a set of 42″ rollers!

1978 Ford F-150

Seven years later, it’s pretty clear that this killer 1978 Ford F-150 build is nowhere near finished yet! Be sure and catch up on the truck’s progress by heading over here, and stay tuned for future updates!

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