FTE Member Shows Off His Awesome Ford B-100

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Ford B-100

Found in Mexico, this awesome treasure has us all sorts of jealous…and plotting a trip south of the border!

If you’re relatively new to the world of Ford trucks, you might not be aware of the many unique and interesting variations built for global markets. From the seemingly endless variations of Brazilian Fords to the local-market, Mexican-made models, there is plenty of cool stuff out there many of us have never even seen. So when something like this awesome Ford B-100 pops up in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums, we have to stop and take notice!

Ford B-100

The truck in question belongs to Mickabout, who’s a newer member but life-long Ford truck fan. So, when he came across this Ford B-100 down in Mexico, he couldn’t help but bring the rare beast home and show it off. And gather up some opinions on what to do with it, of course.

“Recently purchased my Ford B-100 down in Mexico. I was just so excited that I wanted to share it with others. Put Torq-Thrust 20s on it and I am thinking of doing the dream beams and lowered hangers/shackles to give it a little bit more sinister look. I would like to know what customization ideas you all have that might get the creative juices flowing. Any thoughts?”

Ford B-100

As you might imagine, just the sight of something like this gets FTE all worked up. Though most agree that the OP should leave well enough alone.

“As cool and unusual as your truck is, I wouldn’t change a thing,” says scottscott. “I might even go back to stock wheels & tires. Any modifications you make to it will likely detract from it, not add to it.”

“What an incredible find and such great condition,” adds willowbilly3. “I also would lean toward stock. Maybe some 15×7 and 15×8 steelies. Get a little more tire and find a nice set of original stainless dog dish caps. That’s just my personal preference.”

Ford B-100

Thankfully, the OP’s plans don’t include any major mods. Just a suspension and drivetrain upgrade that can be returned to stock in the future if needed. But perhaps the coolest part about a rare ride like this is discovering all the nifty little details that set it apart from our U.S. spec trucks.

“I imagine there will be a few interesting things I find out as I move farther along with this. One example is the driver side rear door. Do you see that little rectangular panel in the middle of the door? That’s actually a cover that rotates upward. It exposes a foothold complete with rubber step pad in order to load baggage on the roof!”

Ford B-100

So far, the OP’s thread is chock full of interesting tidbits and enlightening information regarding the mysterious Ford B-100. We’d highly suggest checking it out, even if it’ll have you changing your vacation plans. Now we’re off to do the same. And carefully construct some believable reasons why we need to head south of the border this winter!



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