1956 Ford F-600 Fire Truck is Too Hot Not to Buy

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Let’s face it: There’s still a part of that little kid who used to have that road map rug and pretended to put out fires with a toy fire truck inside of you. And now there’s an opportunity to buy and own a fire truck that’s not only badass but still works, as well.

You’re a truck enthusiast, and this thing checks all the boxes. It has some great history, it still starts up, it looks freakin’ awesome, and all the lights, sirens, and the electric hose reels work.

It has a 272 engine, a four-speed transmission, and a two-speed rear axle. The seller also said that he opened up one of the valve covers, and it “looks like new inside.”

It’s not too often you find one of these in good enough running condition like this, let alone one that’s for sale and as cheap as $6,000.

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