This Charming 1948 Ford F-3 is Begging to Be Driven

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If vehicles sold on charm alone, and not performance or safety characteristics, this 1948 Ford F-3 pickup truck would definitely be a best seller. Thankfully, this one is for sale, and you can take it home any time!

Thanks to a listing from our friends at Hemmings, we’re able to feast our vintage truck-loving eyes with this orange-ish red F-3 pickup truck, complete with period-correct wheels and caps, and a fully-functional truck bed and chained-up tailgate. Not to mention the stunning grille and large round headlights that give this truck its retro-licious attitude.

Even more shocking than the truck itself, is the fact that this 1948 Ford has only seen two owners in its entire life. First, the Amherst, Nova Scotia Fire Department owned the truck from brand-new, until 1975 when it was sold to a retired Ford dealership owner that fell in love with the truck and wanted to keep it in his private collection.

As if a 1948 truck with two owners isn’t reason enough to buy this, then perhaps the fact that it’s only been drive a stunningly-low 3,000 miles over its entire life will seal the deal for ya.


From the owner: “Last licensed/inspected in 1975. Cab is tight and doors and handles feel like new. Less than 3,000 miles and has the all five original factory tires that came on the truck, all still good because it has not ever been in the sun. Both original Ford script headlights stamped June 25, 1948, original glass and seat etc.

Has four-speed transmission and 239 flathead V-8. Starts quickly and runs very quiet. Painted once to remove Fire Department signs etc. Still has plate on roof for siren. Stainless trim and chrome perfect. Must be one of the most original 1948 Fords anywhere. Original purchase order and bill of sale to fire dept documents included as well as service records.”

Go buy it, now!

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Photos via: [Hemmings]

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