This 2016 Ford F-650 is a Big Kid’s Dream

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There’s a reason Tonka toy trucks are still around. Some kids want to pretend they’re firefighters. Others want to pretend they’re astronauts. Tonka kids want to pretend they get paid to get dirty moving big things.

You can consider the 2016 Ford F-650 XLT you see here a full-size Tonka truck. The truck editor for the site Construction Equipment had a chance to use it to haul two tons of gravel to a friend’s house. During his time with the bright-orange beast of burden, Tom Berg found its new front end styling attractive, the Crew Cab spacious and comfortable, and the 6.8-liter V10 unstressed at cruising speeds. “The driving experience is much like the older series: an easy climb up, good visibility all around, and good ride.”

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That familiarity is perhaps the most important takeaway from Berg’s experience. In ways, the new F-650 is similar to both the Super Duty lineup and to the outgoing F-650. That not only helps keep costs down, but user-friendliness up. Berg’s time being a grown-up kid in the big F-Series probably kept him smiling for weeks.

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via [Construction Equipment]

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