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need help decoding some codes..

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Old 02-19-2010, 06:40 PM
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need help decoding some codes..

Hello, All,

I nedd a little help decoding some of the codes on the information plate on my truck.. the first.... Axle code 17-J... the second..... D.S.O. code... 1975-14

any help is greatly appricaited

1975 F100, 302 V8, auto
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Old 02-19-2010, 09:28 PM
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I know DSO 14 for the Pittsburgh District...I'll try to get back to you on the axle.

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SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.
Everything listed for 75 in the Ford Redbook I have....

Chapter 30- 1975 Ford Truck

97D Ranchero 500 8,778
97R Ranchero GT 6,114
97K Ranchero Squire 1,549
Bronco 11,273
Courier 56,073
F-100 F-150 F-250 F-350
80 Platform - - - -
80 Platform 4x4 - - - -
81 Chassis-cab - - - -
81 Chassis-cab 4x4 - - - -
83 Flareside Pickup - - - -
83 Flareside Pickup 4x4 - - - -
83 Styleside Pickup 173,975 80,917 86,106 41,616
83 Styleside Pickup 4x4 37,297 - 47,226 -
84 SuperCab Pickup 16,792 20,958 29,622 2,816
84 Chassis-cowl - - - -
85 Chassis-windshield - - - -
86 Stake - - - -
86 Stake 4x4 - - - -
Total 228,064 101,875 177,22 44,432
No production breakouts are available for other Light Duty models

F10-Series identification. F10-
F-100, F11-F-100 4x4, F15-F-150
F25-F-250, F26-F250 4x4, F35-F350,
U15-Bronco Wagon,
X10-F-100 Supercab, X15-F-150 SuperCab
X25-F-250 SuperCab, X26-F-250 4x4 SuperCab, X35-F-350
B- Engine: B- 300 c.i. 6 cyl. H-390 c.i. V-8
M-390 c.i. 4bbl V-8 G-302 c.i. V-8, Y-360 c.i. V-8, J-460 c.i.
U-Assembly plant code

Atlanta, GA A
Oakville, CAN B*
Chester, PA C
Ontario Truck C*
Dallas, TX D
Mahwah, NJ E*
Dearborn, MI F
Chicago, IL G
Lorain, OH H*
Los Angeles, CA J
Kansas City, KS K*
Michigan Truck L*
Norfolk, VA N*
Twin Cities, MN P*
San Jose, CA R*
Allen Park, MI S*
Metuchen, NJ T
Louisville, KY U*
Kentucky Truck V*
Wayne, MI W
St. Thomas, CAN X
Wixom, MI Y
St. Louis, MO Z

100001-Consecutive Sequence Number-V20,001-X40,000

5-Last digit of model year, 5-1976
L-Assembly plant code, see appendix
47-Model code, 47-Ranchero 500,48-Ranchero GT, 49-Ranchero Squire
H-Engine. H-351 c.i. V-8,
S-400 c.i. V8, A-460 c.i.V-8
100001-Consecutive Sequence


RATING PLATE DSO CODE - See down farther..

Serial number located on rating plate which is attached on rear face of driver's door.

BODY CODES-The first two digits indicate trim color
and seat/material type code(see below) and the third digit
indicates back of cab Body Type:

3 Flairside Pickup
4 Styleside Pickup
D Styleside Crew Cab
M SuperCab Pickup
5 Platform/Rack
7 Cowl less windshield
8 Chassis-cab
G Chassis-cab Crew Cab
P Chassis-cab SuperCab
9 Platform

F-105 5,100
F-106 5,350
F-107 5,500
F-108 5,700
F-110 4x4 5,250
F-111 4x4 5,350
F-112 4x4 5,000
F-113 4x4 5,700
F-150 6,050
F-251 6,900
F-252 7,500
F-253 8,100
F-255 7,800
F-256 6,350
F-257 6,600
F-260 4x4 6,500
F-261 4x4 7,100
F-262 4x4 7,700
F-263 4x4 7,100
F-264 4x4 7,700
F-350 6,600
F-351 8,000
F-353 8,350
F-354 9,000
F-356 10,000
F-358 9,300
U-150 Bronco wagon
U-151 Bronco wagon
U-152 Bronco wagon HD


B - 300 c.i. I-6 1bbl
G - 302 c.i. V-8 2bbl 154hp
Y - 360 c.i. V-8 2bbl 196hp
H - 390 c.i. V-8 2bbl 201hp
M - 390 c.i. V-8 4bbl
J - 460 c.i. V-8 4bbl 239hp

H - 351 c.i. V-8 2bbl 148hp
S - 400 c.i. V-8 2bbl
A - 460 c.i. V-8 4bbl 218hp

Four speed manual A
Three speed manual C
Three speed manual HD E
Four speed manual F
Three speed automatic G
Four speed manual P

C-6 three speed automatic U

3.00:1 02,14
3.25:1 10,15,17
3.50:1 B8,B9,H2,08,11,16,18
3.54:1 C7,G1
3.70:1 A2,09,12
3.73:1 D6,C8
4.10:1 B4,D7,G3,
4.11:1 A3,H3,03,05
4.57:1 04


2.75:1 K
2.79:1 L
3.00:1 6,0
3.07:1 E
3.25:1 9,R
3.50:1 S


Black A
Light Blue B
Ginger Bronze D
Med. Blue Met. E
Dk.Ginger Met. F
Chrome Yellow G
Brt.Med.Blue I
Tan (Buff) K
White M
Lt. Med. Pine N
Dk. Green O
Med. Ginger Met. R
Red T
Light Green U
Med.Green Gold Y
Copper Metallic Z
Coral 3
Bright Red 6
Dark Yellow/Green Met. 8


Bright Red 2B
Dark Red 2M
Medium Blue Metallic 3D
Bright Dark Blue Metallic 3G
Silver Blue Metallic 3M
Pastel Blue 3Q
Green Metallic 4T
Dark Yellow Green Metallic 4V
Dark Copper Metallic 5Y
Saddle Bronze Metallic 5T
Tan Metallic 5U
Pastel Yellow 6E
Medium Dark Gold Metallic 6M
White 9A
Light Green 47
Ginger Bronze Metallic 51

Lt.Blue/Med.Blue 2,25,26
Black/Blue 2B,2E,2F,BB,BE,BF,KB,KE,KF
Medium Blue 2V,2W,22,23,27,28,B,B3,B5,B6,B7,B8,K,KN,
Black/Ginger 3B,3E,3F,CB,CE,CF,LB,LE,LF
Lt.Ginger/Med.Ginger 3V,3W,32,33,37,38,C,C3,L3,L7,L8
Black 4,4B,4E,4F,4V,4W,4Z,43,45,46,47,48,D,DB,
Med.Red/Dk.Red 5,53,55,56,63,E,E3,N3
Black/Red 5B,5E,5F,5Z,EB,NB
Lt.Green/Med.Green 6,65,66
Black/Green 6B,6E,6F,FB,FE,FF,OB,OE,OF
Medium Green 6V,6W,62,67,68,F,F3,F5,F6,F7,F8,O,ON,OO,
Medium Ginger C,C5,C6,C7,C8,L,LM,LD,LR,L5,L6
Coral S
Tan T
Dark Red U

Parchment 3,34
Blue B,B4
Ginger C,C4
Green F,F4

Saddle F2,G2
White/Blue CQ,DQ,EQ,GQ
White/Black CW,DW,EW,GW
White/Green C5,D5,E5,G5
White/Saddle C9,D9,E9,G9

97D Ranchero 500 4,049
97R Ranchero GT 4,381
97K Ranchero Squire 4,407
98 Bronco Wagon 4,979
Courier Pickup 3,146

F-100 F-150 F-250 F-350
80 Platform - - - 3,873
80 Platform(12') - - - 4,875
81 Chassis-cab 3,487 3,849 3,410 3,510
81 Chassis-SuperCab 4,079 4,387
81 Chassis-crew cab - - 4,229 4,363
83 Flareside Pickup(6-3/4') 3,640 - - -
83 Flareside Pickup 3,676 4,002 3,564 -
83 Styleside Pickup(6-3/4') 3,640 - - -
83 Styleside Pickup 3,676 4,002 3,564 3,958
83 SuperCab Pickup(6-3/4') 4,233 4,541 - -
83 SuperCab Pickup 4,229 4,644 4,473 5,070
83 Crew cab Pickup - - 4,371 4,514
86 Stake - - - 3,912
86 Stake(12') - - - 5,115


302 c.i. V-8 Engine
360 c.i. V-8 Engine
390 c.i. V-8 Engine
460 c.i. V-8 Engine
3 speed transmission HD
3 speed transmission OD
4 speed transmission
Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission
Four-wheel drive
Traction-Lok rear axle
Heavy duty clutch
Rear shock absorbers (F-350)
Power steering
Power front disc brakes
SelectAire conditioning
Heavy duty front springs
Heavy duty two-stage rear springs
Dual rear wheels
Heavy duty wheels
Mag style wheel covers
Flip open side windows(SuperCab)
Dual tape stripes
Electric Power Pack
Chrome front bumper
Rear bumper
Rear chrome bumper (Styleside)
Splash guards
Ranger package
Ranger XLT package
Convenience Package
Northland Special
Spare tire lock and chain
Tinted windshield
Tinted glass
Front tow hooks
Sliding rear window
Heavy duty clutch
Heavy duty battery
Heavy duty alternator
Extra cooling radiator
Super Cooling Package
Heavy duty fan
AM radio
AM/FM Stereo radio
Cigar lighter
Whitewall tires
Tinted windshield
Ammeter and Oil pressure gauge
Outside rearview mirror
Remote control outside rearview mirror
Outside left or right Western Mirrors
Outside left or right non-telescopic mirror
Gas tank locking cap
Two tone paint
Styleside exterior moldings
Left or right storage compartment

1975 FACTS
No styling changes were made on the F-Series trucks in 1975. There were some interior trim and upholstery revisions.

A new model was the F-150, rated at 6050 GVW. Similar to the F-100, it came with heavier springs and axles. Standard engine was the 300 c.i. six cylinder, with the 360,390 and 460 c.i. V-8s optional. As with all other F-Series trucks, power front disc brakes were standard equipment. The F-150 was available only on the 133" wheelbase as well as 139/155" wheelbase SuperCabs.

Also new were the chassis-cab SuperCabs. F-100 SuperCabs could now me outfitted with the 300 c.i. six and 390 c.i. 2bbl V-8 in addition to the 360 c.i. V-8.

The 240 c.i. engine was no longer available. The 300 ci. six became standard equipment.

Due to Federal regulations, trucks with a GVW of less than 6,000 lbs. had to use unleaded gasoline as well as a catalytic converter. Models over 6,000 lbs. could use regular leaded gasoline.

As in previous years, the following packages were available- The Northland Special, Ranger and Ranger XLT. The Ranger was not available on Crew Cabs.

A new option package was the Custom Decor Group, for Regular and SuperCab pickups. It included knitted vinyl seat upholstery, color keyed floor mats, insulation and bright windshield,
rear window, and drip rail moldings and bright hubcaps. The hubcaps weren't available with F-100 4x4s.

There were no exterior changes on the Ranchero. Standard equipment now included power steering, power brakes and the automatic transmission. Engine availability was limited to the 351M V-8 with the 400 and 460 c.i. V-8s optional. All Rancheros were fitted with
catalytic converters, electronic ignition and single exhaust systems.

The Bronco was unchanged as well, but received several mechanical improvements and changes. Foremost was the use of a catalytic converter.

The Courier was unchanged as well.

That is the typical DSO explanation found in Ford shop manuals. A DSO is an internal Ford production code which groups batches of similarly equipped trucks to be built at the same time so that the specific parts used would be correctly scheduled to be on the assembly line as this group of trucks was rolling
down the line. Thus a group of F-150 trucks
destined for use by a particular Utility company would get
a specific DSO number plus the two digit code for which the
Utility is located.

Listed below are the District Codes:
Boston 11
Buffalo 12
New York 13
Pittsburgh 14
Newark 15
Philadelphia 16
Washington 17
Atlanta 21
Charlotte 22
Jacksonville 24
Richmond 25
New Orleans 26
Cincinnati 27
Louisville 28
Cleveland 32
Detroit 33
Indianapolis 34
Lansing 35
Louisville 36
Buffalo 37
Pittsburgh 38
Chicago 41
Cleveland 42
Milwaukee 43
Twin Cities 44
Davenport 45
Lansing 45
Indianapolis 46
Cincinnati 47
Detroit 48
Denver 51
Des Moines 52
Dallas 52
Kansas City 53
Omaha 54
St. Louis 55
Davenport 56
Houston 57
Twin Cities 58
Dallas 61
Houston 62
Memphis 63
New Orleans 64
Oklahoma City 65
Los Angeles 71
San Jose 72
Salt Lake City 73
Seattle 74
Phoenix 75
Denver 76
Government 83
Home Office Reserve 84
American Red Cross 85
Body Company 87
Transportation Service 89
Export 90-99
Central B1
Eastern B2
Atlantic B3
Midwestern B4
Western B6
Pacific B7
Great Lakes B8
Export 11-17
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Ok thanks.. strange thing though.. my truck was assembled in Canada.. and ended up in Pittsburgh, PA....Was it common for trucks built in Ontario to end up here?
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SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.SCRWDRVR has a great reputation on FTE.
I dont think it mattered much then, when something came off the line they shipped it were ever it was needed.....
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build sheet

Hello I would like to know the original color of my truck it was a special order and when I had the seat out I found the build sheet between the lower springs and foam, but the paint code is blank on that too. Any advise?
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