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Old 06-28-2006, 11:49 PM
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Cool DIS or EDIS Module

I own a 93 Ranger 2WD, 2.3L with 126K. A problem cropped up several months ago and I now have a little extra time to try and find where the problem lies.

The problem presented itself in the form of less power and lower gas mileage. Got to looking around and found two out of eight plugs were not firing on the back coil. Off to the Autoparts store I go for plugs and a wire set. Still six out of the eight only are firing. After replacing the rear coil, crank position sensor, cleaning out the intake, pulling and cleaning the MAF Sensor according to instructions found elsewhere on this website, checking electrical wires for bad or loose connections and checking for ground faults, all still to no avail.

The Check Engine Light was on so I pulled the engine codes KOEO and got 222 which is the Distributorless Ignition System (DIS not EDIS) problem, loss of right side Ignition Diagnostic Monitor (IDM) signal. Also showing up is code 224 which is Distributorless Ignition System (again DIS) problem, primary circuit failure in coil #1 or #2. Also showing up is code 218 which is Ignition system (distributorless) problem, Coil # 2 primary side circuit failure.

Next, I went to this site:


In order to try to get an inkling of what this DIS is about. According to the info, the Ford EDIS is an enhanced version of the DIS ignition system. The major difference is that the DIS system requires a CID (Cylinder IDentification; cam phase) sensor in addition to the crank driven toothed wheel. The EDIS system only requires a 36-1 toothed wheel and VRS (variable reluctance sensor) crank sensor. According to this and other information I gathered the EDIS module is NOT interchangable with the DIS or vice versa.

O.K. so I decide to find a DIS module and see if that would eliminate the two non-firing plugs problem. The problem is that parts stores show the same module for EDIS and/or DIS systems. I purchased a module and replaced the original Motorcraft module and it eliminated the non-firing plugs problem. However, my Ranger was as bad or worse than a three legged mule trying to jump an electric fence. My wife said I was going to get us killed. The engine would stall when I "called" on it and I would have to switch the ignition key off and then recrank. If I did not switch the ignition key off, the engine would not restart.

We put the original DIS module back on and once again I have the dummy light and only six plugs firing. There is no stalling problem with the original module, only with the replacement module.

We tried three replacement modules from different parts stores and they all caused the vehicle to stall. We took the Ranger to a repair shop and they hooked it up to a diagnostic machine to see if they could locate the problem. After a couple of hours they (there were three mechanics trying to figure it out) said no problems could be identified. They also said they tried a few "tricks" hoping something would work, but had no luck.

I know this is probably a shot in the dark. But if anyone has any ideas to throw our way, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 06-29-2006, 11:04 AM
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Go to your local junkyard. Or go to Ford. I don't think the two parts are interchangeable. From what I remember, the older system could lose its ID checker, and try to start in limp home mode, guessing where it was (cyl 1 4.) It uses the cam sensor to figure out which is TDC for #1, and works from there. On fail, you have to turn it off, and it will randomly pick one as 1 or 4, as it just knows TDC from the crank sensor, not whether it is 1 or 4.
I'd get a Ford part numbered part if the dealer has it, or one from a boneyard with the same part #. Your part # should begin FX... , FX being 199X year indicator. If the later part no's for the EDIS are the same, I'd be surprised. But then again...
I'd also check both coils for proper resistance. One could be marginal enough that the old DIS can't fire it well, but a new EDIS has more better transistors.. Also, check that the coils are grounded well, as I hear all the ground screws/bolts are needed for good grounding.
If I remember correctly, Advance auto parts and I think Autozone will test the EDIS modules w/o charge. Not sure of NAPA, etc.

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Old 06-30-2006, 12:18 AM
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