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dual points and spark plug wires

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Old 09-24-2005, 02:57 PM
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dual points and spark plug wires

Any good source for plug wires? I have tryed some but they dont fit. does ford still make a set? has anyone made a setand had good results? also does anyone make a dual point conversion set for the Y? I posted this in another forum as well. thanks to all
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Old 09-24-2005, 10:17 PM
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1) Your best bet is to get one of the MSD (or other preferred brand) universal sets that can be custom fitted by you. It's pretty easy to do. Make sure to buy a set with the right ends for the dist. cap; most universal sets come with "older" ends and "electronic" (either HEI or Duraspark or combo) ends as well, but some don't.

Other than that, you might look at the sets offered by Effie vendors like Sacramento Vintage; presumably they fit better than the generic sets from AutoZone & so forth.

2) IF, and it's a big if, your distributor is a 1957 or later, there are, or were, dual point kits available to convert it. 1956 or earlier, the infamous Loadomatic, can't be converted. Whether any of the kits are still available new is another question.

Incidentally, the later distributors can be converted to electronic ignition if you are so inclined. MSD, Mallory, Crane, & Pertronix all make kits to do this. There are fans & detractors of each brand, so ask around.

Hope it helps.
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Old 09-26-2005, 06:21 PM
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I generally don't like to use premade sets of wires, because they are never the right length to lay right, it seems. There are long and short ones, and then they always have to have a loop for the ones that are too long and the short ones (there is always one) has to stretch to reach.

Go to a hot rod shop and by a nice set of 9mm silicon custom wires. These will cost, but they will have good quality boots and clamps, and the core will be wire wound monel, so you will never ever need another set. These kits come with a simple stripping and crimping tool that will do a good job if you take your time and watch what you are doing. Plan out the job ahead of time and get the looms you need, so that you can cut each wire to exactly the right length. Then, they will lay nice and neat and compliment any engine.

Regarding the dual points, I really wouldn't bother. If you are revving a Y past, say 5000 rpm, there are better choices for an ignition system. The kit Homespun referred to was a Ford part that replaced the breaker plate on 57 and up distributors. I have seen a dual point replacement breaker plate for the old Load O Matic. I don't know if this was a Ford part or not. If one were to convert a Load O Matic to dual points, the unit would not be calibrated correctly, because the tension of the point rubbing block on the cam and the drag of it had an effect on the advance curve, making point tension part of the adjustment specification. Adding a second set of points to a Load O Matic would be like adding hi performance muffler bearings to a Model T, anyway.

Still, about all you could do is scour old car NOS suppliers, EBay, and swap meets to find a dual point conversion for either distributor, as far as I know.

Dual points were a good idea in there day and some hi perf cars came stock with them. I think single points work pretty well on a mild street car, and after that, there are newer electronic alternatives for a hotter spark at hi RPM. But if it is dual points that you have to have, I think you will just have to scrounge for them.

Sort of like hunting elk, right? You know the question elk hunters always ask, don't you? "Where're all the elk?" The answer to the question is, of course: "Elk are where you find them."

that's the best I can do.
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Old 09-29-2005, 01:02 PM
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Talking Dual points

Can I make a suggestion concerning your plan installing dual points in your Y?
We installed the Pertronix Ignitor with the Flamethrower coil in our 292 c.i. Y.
You can take a look if you want on http://www.fordfront.nl. Go to "TECHNIEK" for a nice picture of it, so you can see what I'm talking about. The results are magnificent!! We never want to go back to points again. The running of our F100 is much smoother, the performance is much better, when it's hot the idle now is much more steady, in short: It's SUPER!! Throw away your idea of installing dual points and go for the Ignitor. You will never have to change or ajust points again, and I installed the Ignitor with the coil in about one half hour. Nice and simple, and reliable!

And our Ford Friends here below are right concerning plug wires for your Y; just buy a do it yourself universal set and make it custom fit. Also Fomoco has an original wire set; we have one as back-up. Never used it, so I can't tell you if it fits right. Lots of succes and greetings, Spiker, Ford Front Holland, www.fordfront.nl.

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Old 10-02-2005, 12:03 PM
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Dual Points

I agree with the other posters and have read about (but not used) the Petronix conversion and many people have used this system with favorable results. I think this would be the better way to go. HOWEVER, if you must have a dual point conversion plate I have some but would need some time to find them! I worked in a machine shop and made about a dozen copies in stainless steel many years ago and have used one ever since on my 57. The condenser mounts outside the distributor and I think the second set of points were from the flatheads, but I may be wrong. (Too old and too many years ago) I'm a new poster to this list if you are still interested and if it is possible to e-mail me directly I will try to find one for you. J
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Old 10-03-2005, 05:47 PM
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joe i am insterted but it would probly be the summer before I could comit to getting one. i will try and email you thanks
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