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Flex Fuel Sensor Needed


Old 11-30-2004, 09:32 PM
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First things first. I'm re-hashing an old thread for two reasons. 1) I do understand the purpose of the search function and 2) I almost got royally SCREWED!

For the last month or so my truck ('00 Ranger 3.0L FFV) has been randomly shutting off during driving. So I've developed a nice method of re-start. When life demands the use of freeways (as it does in Southern California) pulling over to the shoulder isn't always an option (drivers ). So I had a method of shifting to Neutral turning the key to the off position re-starting it and slamming it into Drive. I got it to the point that I don't skip a beat. But this last weekend it cut out more than ten times in a particular interchange that is under construction and is known for always being busy. After that little nightmare I broke down and took it to a Ford Dealership. So yesterday around 2:00 pm I drop it off. Around 5:30 pm I get a call saying that the test were coming back inconclusive and further evaluation was needed. Can we keep it over night?
Which in my book means "we didn't get to it tonight... what about tomorrow?".
Today at 5:30 pm I get the second call with the diagnosis. "We think it's your Flex Fuel Sensor". I'm not paying $80.00 to get a "We think "!
So as the conversation winds up to the dollar amount expected to pay I'm bracing for impact... after all a sensor and install should be around $500.00 (which I was expecting to pay... no worries). Then the lady proceeds to give me the verbal quote....

*are you sitting down for this one? *

"That sensor is a little overpriced from Ford". "It will cost you twelve hundred dollars and three hundred for labor... So out the door you can expect to pay one thousand five hundred dollars". I almost started yelling at her. I quickly got off the phone and took a brisk walk to stop the rage.

So after venting to a few friends, namely the one that referred me to the shop I started doing a little searching. Finally I tripped across this particular thread that gave me a ballpark idea of cost, labor, and location of this random (not used) piece of .... crap .

Tomorrow I'm going over to get my truck... pull the unit to see if there is anything visibly wrong... reset my computer... and drive it around until it a) does the same flippin' thing or b) fixes the problem... I would LOVE to get off with only paying $454.00 for this repair...

Oh what a day...
Thanks for this post BTW... HUGE HELP!!!!
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Old 12-01-2004, 02:18 PM
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F6DZ 9C044-AA is the part number from Ford for a 99 FFV Ranger. I don't know what the cost is on it but that is what OASIS tells me the part# is. I haven't checked with a service department to see what the cost is but I cant imagine it being $400. If you know anyone that works for a Ford Dealership, a lot of times the employees get parts for a percentage over cost and that could save you some $$$$. I bought a $200 CAM sensor for my diesel for $97 through a dealership employee. Just a thought if you could change it yourself.
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Old 12-01-2004, 02:56 PM
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Thanks Level2,
I've got a few friends that are mechanics and I'm having them see if they can pull strings for a lower cost. I'm sure I can handle the removal and install of a new unit. I just took it in for a diagnosis and an estimate... Which turned out to be more of a joke and two codes (which I'm going to pull up in a minute).

I talked to the lady at the dealerships parts counter and appologized for yelling on the phone at her. But a sensor that I don't need/use that cost about half a down payment on a new F-150 is a bit obsene.

Again, thanks for the thread.
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Old 12-02-2004, 03:31 PM
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The current part number for the 2000 3.0L Flex Fuel Sensor is

YL5Z 9C044-BA ~$450.00 and it IS a special order part.

SHOP AROUND!!!! I've been getting quotes ranging from $450.00 to $1,200.00
(now I'm calling back to the place that quoted me $1,200.00 and I'm asking them why.)
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Old 04-22-2010, 03:58 AM
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Fuel level sensor DUT-E

Fel level sensor DUT-E is designed for precision fuel level measurement in tanks of vehicles, trucks, tractors, road-building machinery, fixed installations. DUT-E is used as a standard fuel level sensor or as an additional sensor to be used with AVL, FMS or vehicle tracking systems.

DUT-E has the standard SAE 5 bolted flange and is mounted in the standard hole of the fuel level sensor or the special hole in the vehicle fuel tank.

Fuel level sensor DUT-E
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Old 04-22-2010, 07:20 AM
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Technoton, read the posts. It is not a 'level sensor' that they're talking about.

The sensor in question measures the ratio of gasoline to ethanol in the current fuel mix, and provides that information to the ECM/PCM to allow it to properly adjust the mixture to limit emissions and improve fuel economy. It is plumbed into the fuel line and watches the fuel mix as it flows to the injectors, determining some number of times a minute what the current ratio is.
There is a thread somewhere on this site where someone has created a fill-in for the sensor that does a decent job at fooling the ECM for around $20. If you "know" the mix is about XX%, the fill-in will work pretty well. Search if interested.
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