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Manual or Automatic Transmission?

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Old 08-22-2014, 02:02 PM
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I have a 1992 F150 (specs in sig) with a manual transmission.

This truck was about 17 hours away, but worth the drive because it had pretty much everything I wanted (including the manual transmission) except for a 60/40 front bench seat, which is easily changed over.

These trucks are plentiful with the auto option, but manual trucks are somewhat rare here, although I did find a larger number of regular cab long boxes with the 4.9/standard combo.
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Old 08-22-2014, 02:08 PM
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All the but one Ford I have owned are manual, I can't keep from finding them. My work Silverado is an Auto and does it's jub well, well enough for a 1500 with 240k, I had and '88 Bricknose with the 5.0 4speed very slow truck started in 2nd gear and top speed was 60-65mph, my second was a 2000 psd with a 6speed, loved it My brother-in-law is in the Diesel racing word and he told me if it's stock get a manual it'll handle the power better (rather slip a clutch then blowup gears) 3rd was a '96 f250xlt 351 4x4 auto, I liked it just fine but was a little disappointed that it only got 10mpg Last but not least my sig truck, I went looking for decent but CHEAP!I needed an all around truck DD and tow/work,camper trailer everything I went after af1500 for 2k 200miles away from me but the guy sold it out from under me I looked at a '96 f250 460 auto but he guy wanted too much for it and wouldn't move, so I bought this 92 f250 4x4 manual for a grand I still stick to the fact that i's reather burnup a clutch than blow up an auto I also know that the OD on the 5 speed would help with MPGs so tada Manual for me. plus my girls will get this truck in 10 years they must know how to drive stick to get there lic. they are out there just lottsa folk don't know how to drive
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Old 08-22-2014, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by JKNW View Post
The 302 and 351 aren't really "OMG amazing" compared to the 4.9. And they don't get much better mileage than a 460, that is a boat load more powerful.
you won't get any argument on this from me i have also had a 85 swb 5.0/aod and a 86 ext cab 351/c6 both 1/2 ton 2wd plus a 88swb 4x4 5.0/auto that was a real dog

i did check my mileage yesterday and averaged 21.6 on that tank so thats helping me be "ok" with not messing with my truck to much
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Old 08-22-2014, 11:23 PM
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I have found one! Found a '92 F150 Custom with the 300 6-cylinder, long bed. It's kinda ugly because the guy rattle canned it matt black, but it has very little rust and runs pretty well. I'm very excited to have found what I'm looking for!

Thank you to each of you who have provided info on this thread!

I am still interested to hear from folks on which transmission you have or what your preferences are and why.
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Old 08-23-2014, 11:03 AM
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I responded earlier that I preferred a manual. But as to why...

Minor reasons are better mileage and better reliability. "Modern" autos (starting back in the '90s) narrowed the gaps here, but I still feel that a stick has a slight edge.

But the overwhelming reason is that I hat having a transmission shift when I don't want it to, or not to shift when I do. Some are better than others. My '95 F-150 (351, E4OD, 3.55 gears, 33" tires) almost always shifted when I wanted it to, so I really didn't mind that one. But my next auto ('02 F-350, 7.3L diesel, 3.73 gears, ~32" tires) NEVER shifted when I wanted it to, except under really hard acceleration. It's upshifts were at least 10mph too high (and often closer to 20), and it downshifted WAY too easily. The engine was almost always spinning faster than I wanted it to be. And the fact that the thing sucked fuel with the engine turning fast made it expensive as well as annoying.

My current truck ('97 F-250 CC, 460, E4OD, 4.10, 32") isn't quite as good as my '95. It's pretty good empty, but loaded (especially using the speed control) it downshifts too easily for me. That's why a manual swap is on the project list. but available funds, and the fact that it usually shifts OK for me put it pretty far down the list.
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Old 08-23-2014, 11:18 AM
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I prefer a hand shaker but an automatic is nice at times. My auto I happened to run across. My requirements were 1 ton, crew cab, 4x4 and prefer manual. I got all but one and it's been a good truck, but there's days I miss shifting gears with dual pipes and a smile.....
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Old 08-23-2014, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Stevaroo01 View Post
So it seems that even back in the 80's and 90's the manual trans was somewhat of a rare find... interesting... I guess I was wrong about how many would be out there. I'm still hopeful that I'll find the combo I'm looking for. Time will tell.

Still curious though, how many manual tranny's did Ford make for this era of truck? Only one, or multiples for different engines? Can an automatic be easily swapped out and replaced with a manual?
Here in my area, when those trucks were new the work trucks got the stick and the wife's trucks and the "go-to-church-on-Sunday" trucks got the auto. Well the work trucks got used up and scrapped and the wife's trucks/church trucks survived. That's why about all you can find are autos. Personally I like my autos. Work the crap out of them with no problems. But I can see benefits for both.
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