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Tech Info

Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO):
Engine Oil Definition: Motor oil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Engine Oil Mini Tutorial:
Engine Oil Myth Busters:
The Why For Boron In Our Lubricants:
The Why for Moly In Our Lubricants:
Virgin Oil Analysis (VOA) of some popular 5W-30 SN/GF-5 mineral oils:
VOA of 24 Synthetic 5W-30 SN/GF-5 Motor Oils: March 2013 - Test Results for AP
VOA of a number of 5W-20 SN/GF-5 Motor Oils:
Direct Injection Engine Lubrication & fueling:

Heavy Duty Engine Oil (HDEO):
HDEO Proposed Category 11 (PC-11) upgrade timeline:
Some HDEO VOA, including Motorcraft 15W-40:
HDDEO: EDIT: 1/1/16, Link became infected with malware Axpergle & has been removed. We don't know when the infection happened, so if you used that link, perform a security scan for Axpergle malware & remove it without delay. Will seek another good spider diagram to put up) Helpful site with a spider diagram with click on pull down menu's for spec overlay comparison, ect, info about PC11-A & PC-11-B engine lubricants

Oil Life Monitors:
How Oil Life Monitors work:
Fords input on how its IOLM works: EDIT Link 12/19/15

Oil Filtration:
Motorcraft Diesel Filters & Engine Oil Reference Sheet
Motorcraft filter cutaway comparison:
Oil Filter Types: Oil filter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
How to evaluate oil filter design: How to Evaluate Oil Filters
How our oil filter media works:
Convert filter Beta Ratio into % filtration:
Oil Filter Differential Pressure:
Bypass Filtration: Understanding Engine Oil Bypass Filtration
The Poor Mans Oil Analysis: Get Ready for More Soot In Engine Oil

Air Filtration:
Air Filter Types: Air filter-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Gotta have clean Air, to have clean oil. For reference, some air filters tested to ISO-5011: ISO 5011 Duramax Air Filter Test Report
Filter Manufacturers Counsel Air Filter Micron Ratings:

STLE rules of thumb in changing grease recipes: Document - A Review of Grease Compatibility
Compatibility chart choices, or scroll down to post 2, ect & pick the chart thats easiest for you to read & interpret:
Storing Grease: Storing Grease to Avoid Bleed and Separation-

Rust Busters:
A loosening torque test with some commercial products & a homebrew: Please confirm MW article on Penetrating Oil

Gasoline Tutorial: Likely more than you'd ever need to know about gasoline.
AAA Test Of Top Tier & LAC Gasoline Engine Deposits

Ethanol Free Gasoline:
For those with vintage rides, or who just don't want to burn ethanol in their engines: Ethanol-free gas stations in the U.S. and Canada

Owners Manual:
No cost owners manual download, 1996 to present, if you don't have one, or don't know what lubes or filters are specified for your Ford: Owner Manuals |

Diagnostic Trouble Code List Ford : P=Power train - B=Body - C=Chassis - U=Utility/System

Motorcraft USA Product Catalogue:

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