When Will the F-150 Get Diesel Power?

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F-150 Diesel

The Ram 1500 has a diesel engine option. The next Nissan Titan, debuting in Detroit in less than a month, will have a diesel engine option. The smaller GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado will have diesel engine options shortly. Who’s missing from this list? Ford. With their love of EcoBoost engines, including the wonderful little 2.7L in the 2015 F-150, it seems that diesel is the last thing on Ford’s mind.

The Detroit Free Press, in an interview with Raj Nair, VP of global products, was told that not only is Ford working on a hybrid F-150, but also a diesel version could be made readily available. With gasoline prices dropping, less emphasis will be placed on fuel economy from buyers. However, if the company sees demand for a diesel engine, they have plenty in their portfolio and will react accordingly.

2014 Ram 1500

We’re not sure what Ford considers demand; the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is 20% of all half-ton Ram trucks produced. Considering that the EcoDiesel can cost up to $4,000 extra, why not offer one (even if it’s more expensive) to see what happens?

EcoBoost engines, like most turbo engines, are great on fuel when you keep your foot off the throttle. But once you add payload or a trailer, fuel economy can drop significantly. Boost is fun, but boost is also thirsty. On the Ram EcoDiesel I’ve driven in the past, I found the torque to be just as fun, but less susceptible to fluctuations in fuel economy. With a week of mixed driving, I easily achieved 28 mpg. I’m not sure we’ll see that type of consistency with the 26 mpg 2.7L EcoBoost.

One thing is for certain, with fuel prices as low as they are, don’t expect to see a diesel anytime soon.

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