BFGoodrich Presents BUILDUP Resurrecting an Old 1952 F1

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There are many reasons why an old Ford may need to be rebuilt. A lot of times it’s because someone has left the rig sitting for far too long. Other times it is because there was a very unfortunate wreck and the owner can’t handle fixing such serious damages.

Well, Ford truck enthusiast davidhOK has taken on building a 1952 Ford F1. Though several things may have contributed to its current state, the primary reason it needs such a hefty rebuild is because of a tornado that swept through the El Reno area in Oklahoma back in 2013. It looks rough right now, but there is definitely hope for it.


David has already purchased a cab, and it is on its way! He plans to keep the straight axle in the front of the truck and to replace the rear with a 9″ rear end.

He also plans to give the heater core some attention due to the nasty problem of rodent urine eroding away at it. He also would like to add a steering wheel from a 1950’s Ford car to the interior.

Resurrecting an Old F1.

Though things are going fairly slowly with this build right now, it is definitely one worth following. After all, there aren’t many of these old F1 trucks left, so seeing someone put forth the effort to resurrect the classic truck is always worth it! Go check out David’s build thread and show your support!

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