2015 F-150 Official Vehicle of the Consumer Electronics Show

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2015 Ford F-150 Official Vehicle of CES.

CES is the ultimate consumer and personal electronics show in the world. Every year, manufacturers gather to show of their latest televisions, mobile phones, and other technologies. Ford was one of the first automakers to attend CES, because they believed that infotainment systems and their integration into mobile phones should be shown off at this show.

Now, most of the manufacturers are present. Last year the official vehicle of CES was the 2015 Mustang, making CES the first show debut of the car. This year, Ford is following up with the 2015 F-150; the official vehicle of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

What makes the 2015 F-150 so consumer focused? Well, there are many class-exclusive features, such as lane-keep assistant and adaptive cruise control. Parking assist makes sure you can get it into a parking spot without damaging the vehicle, and the 360 degree camera is your “eyes in the sky” when maneuvering.

2015 Ford F-150 XLTWe really like the 400-watt, 110-volt regular power outlets. Most other OEMs use 100-150 watt units. A 400-watt plug is enough to power an indoor fog machine (don’t ask how I know). Even the LED spotlights in the mirrors are useful at either the campsite or the worksite.

Don’t forget the aluminum. Companies like Apple and Samsung are always looking towards lighter and stronger materials to build their mobile devices out of. Ford is doing the same with the 2015 F-150 by constructing most of the truck out of lightweight aluminum.

Sure, all of these options add up to one of the most expensive F-150s ever sold, but it’s those technological innovations that make the F-150 so desirable to today’s technology-focused individual.

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