Relive Old Times With This 1995 White Ford Bronco!

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White Ford Broncos will always have a stigma attached to them thanks to the most famous police chase in TV history. Anybody who’s old enough to remember will have a hard time ever forgetting it!

This immaculate 1995 Bronco may conjure up images of such police chase, but it also deserves a closer look based on how nice it actually is. With a mere 70,000 miles on the odometer, it actually looks like it has less miles and wear-and-tear than most newer vehicles on the road.


Such preservation can be attributed to the Bronco spending its entire life in the dry desert climate of Arizona. It’s a pleasant time warp back to a simpler time, unless you were involved in the judicial system, that is. The wheels are aftermarket but period correct, and a repaint is one of the few alterations from its stock condition.


Despite the (probably) unwanted fame Ford’s venerable Bronco received back in 1994, it still remains a classic and quite beloved vehicle today. For those who enjoy a little bit of pop culture or just want one of the cleanest 90’s Broncos out there, this one is definitely for you!

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