HUMP DAY JUMP! Watch This First-Gen Ford Bronco Jump

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While most of us don’t think of first-generation Ford Broncos as off-road mud-monsters, that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of getting dirty.

While most pristine Broncos can be seen in car shows, or even in city streets, it begs to ask the question: who had the idea of taking a ride so classic and charming into the dirt and mud? Some may find that horrible, but we believe that’s exactly what Ford designed them to do – to be tough!

After all, they were never meant to sit as a viewing piece, but rather to be enjoyed. And in today’s video we’d definitely say that this beautiful first-gen Bronco is being enjoyed!

This video by, stonecrushersteering, shows a Bronco jump and soar for a moment, only to come down on a massive puddle of mud. All in all, we’d say that it looks right at home!

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