Answers to Your Questions About the 2017 Ford Super Duty – Part 2 of 2

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You Ford truck owners know that it’s not enough to do a job. You have to finish it. That’s what I’m doing right now. You had questions about the 2017 Ford Super Duty and I answered some of them, thanks to my friends up in Dearborn. The answers to the rest of them are below.

Q: “If the seats have a cooling feature, do the seat backs get cold or hot (a pervasive problem in the recent F150 interiors)?”

A: I drove a 2017 Super Duty with ventilated seats. It was hard to feel much of the cooling effect through my jeans and undershirt/shirt. I did not feel any heat.

Q: “Is the brake pedal more firm (more like an F-150) or does it continue to be mushy like the current Super Duty?”

A: I don’t recall any feeling of mushiness. Seemed pretty solid to me.

Q: “How is the ride quality compared to the ’15 gas/diesel, especially unladen? How much of a difference does adaptive steering really make? (I.e., is it worth paying for this option?)”

A: The 2017 F-250 FX4 I drove had a ride quality that was lightyears ahead of that of the last-generation F-250 FX4 I drove. I was shocked by how comfortable it was. I’ll wait until I drive a new Super Duty with the Adaptive Steering in it for a longer amount of time than I did during the press launch to render a verdict on its merits.

Q: “Anybody can find out the P/N of 5th wheel preparation package?”

A: Per one of the fine folks at Ford: “The 5th wheel prep package can be factory ordered via option code 53W (except for 4×2 vehicles). This package can be installed at the dealer as well on all pick-up models by ordering either HC3Z 5F057 A or HC3Z 5F057 B (which includes inner frame brackets). The Ford Parts Catalog has been set up so the dealer can input the customer VIN number to match to the correct kit.”

Q: “I thought the F150 cab was longer but narrower?”

A: I’ll just leave these here…

2017 F-150 Interior Dimensions

2017 Super Duty Interior Dimensions

“I’m also interested in the 2-lane road passing scenarios (acceleration 60mph – 80 or 90mph; I assume 90 is top speed).”

A: This is a Ford rep’s response: “As for ‘elasticity,’ these are not performance numbers that we provide given the multitude of conditions. Additionally, with our best-in-class torque and towing capability, know that the Super Duty has no problem delivering in this area.”

“I would love a completely objective comparison with the Duramax in ride and handling quality.”

A: I would give the ride quality edge to the new Super Duty. It’s been a long time since I was in a Duramax-powered HD GM truck, but I don’t remember it having remarkably better or worse handling than the 2017 Super Duty.

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